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Say Goodbye To Head Lice!

Private & Effective Head Lice Removal
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De-Lousing Fee: $100/hr
This is a 2-treatment process that usually takes 2-3 hours total.

You will once again have happy hair.

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All About Head Lice


Some Nit Picky Facts

nitLouse eggs - called nits - are laid on the human scalp by live lice. The small, yellowish-white, oval shaped eggs are glued to the side of the hair shaft at an angle.

Once laid, it takes 7-10 days for a nit to hatch. With another 7-10 days the female matures and begins laying her own eggs.



Outbreak! The Story of Lice

Head lice live for approximately 30 days on a host and a female louse may lay up to 100 nits.

head liceHead lice are clear in color when hatched, and then quickly develop a reddish-brown color after feeding on human blood.

Head lice are small, wingless insects about the size of sesame seeds. Head lice are crawling insects. They cannot, hop, jump, or fly. Head lice have six legs equipped with claws to grasp the hair.

They feed on human blood an will survive for only 24-48 hours without it. Head lice do not thrive on pets.

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