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Say Goodbye
To Head Lice!

Say goodbye to the stress and worry…
Let Happy Hair do
the work for you!
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  • Privacy & Convenience
  • All Organic Products
    non-toxic and pesticide free, safe and proven for lice removal

De-Lousing Fee: $100/hr
This is a 2-treatment process that usually takes 2-3 hours total.

You will once again have happy hair.

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Getting Rid of Lice


Homes & schools don’t get lice.
People do.

The most challenging thing about getting rid of head lice is eliminating it from people, because lice are tiny parasites that seek out an intimate relationship with your scalp. Consequently, lice are difficult to eradicate.

Professional help insures that you get the job done right–and end the problem fast! We are delousing experts.

Our Treatment System Includes:

  • Checking for lice and manual removal of lice and nits (eggs)
  • Personal hair de-lousing
  • Tips for treating lice in your home
  • Follow up instructions.
  • Our Service is 100% guaranteed!
  • We use all natural, organic, non-toxic and pesticide free products.

Here are some tips to help you rid your home of head lice

Since head lice require human blood to survive, they are not difficult to defeat around your house.

Vacuuming is the safest and best way to remove lice or fallen hairs with attached nits from upholstered furniture, rugs, stuffed animals. (you can put stuffed animals in the washer and dryer.)

You do not need to bag stuffed animals since lice cannot survive without human blood.

You can also put bed linens, stuffed animals and other items in the dryer for 30 min.

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