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Say Goodbye
To Head Lice!

Say goodbye to the stress and worry…
Let Happy Hair do
the work for you!
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  • Privacy & Convenience
  • All Organic Products
    non-toxic and pesticide free, safe and proven for lice removal

De-Lousing Fee: $100/hr
This is a 2-treatment process that usually takes 2-3 hours total.

You will once again have happy hair.

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Testimonial 2


My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with lice. This was our first (and, so far only, experience with lice). My daughter has very thick, long hair and the thought of trying to get rid of the lice myself was overwhelming.

Jamie Malitz

"Jamie was very thorough and gave us comfort that we had gotten lice out of our lives."

Enter Happy Hair. Jamie Malitz, the owner of Happy Hair, came to my house and began her treatment to rid my daughter of lice. She also treated my husband, my younger daughter and me as we also had "caught" the lice.

Jamie Malitz and Happy Hair's products were terrific. After two treatments, two days in a row, the lice was gone.

Jamie was very thorough and gave us comfort that we had gotten lice out of our lives. The Fairy Tales products that Happy Hair uses are all natural and seemed to really do the trick without adding harsh chemicals to my daughters' body. In addition, it made our hair smooth, shiny and smell good. My mother tried the products and liked them so much that she bought them for herself. Two month's later, we are still using the Fairy Tales products and my kids are still lice-free.

- Bonnie S.

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