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Dawn P.

I called Jamie in hysterics, and she was so sweet and calming. As she did our hair, I felt a huge weight lifting off of me. Jamie is a GODSEND!

Never having lice before, when my daughter said her head was itchy, I panicked! We then looked in my daughter’s hair, and we found an actual lice bug wandering through her hair. I was devastated. The worst part was that I was watching three girls 5 days a week throughout the summer. I was so overwhelmed – I didn’t know what to do first. I called my doctor and he said to buy the NIX medication and treat all of our hair that night. We proceeded to treat all 5 of us with the NIX, stripped all our beds, threw all pillows and stuffed animals in big garage bags, and began washing everything in hot water. We were told that once we were treated and all in the house was cleaned, we would be safe, and everyone around us was in no danger. I checked our hair every day (my husband would come home from work and check mine). It took hours – my girls had very long hair. Every day I seemed to find less and less, but why wasn’t it gone? A whole week went by, and that Thursday morning, I found an actual bug in both my daughters’ hair. What was I doing wrong? I was told by the doctor to use the NIX shampoo on every one again. We did. We bought more NIX shampoo and more spray for the couches, and cleaned / washed / sprayed everything all over again. The doctor also told us to put olive oil on our hair every night for 5 nights and sleep with it in our hair with a shower cap. This was supposed to suffocate any thing that was left in our hair. So the next night we did that – for 5 nights in a row. Every morning it took 3 shampoo washes in the shower in order to get the olive oil out of our hair. But we did it. We thought that was the beginning of the end. IT WASN’T. My family had been dealing with this for almost 2 weeks now. I was exhausted and I didn’t know what more I could do. I called the doctor again in hysterics, and they told me about Jamie at Happy Hair.

I then called Jamie, also in hysterics, and she was so sweet and calming. She told me she’d be over that same day. Jamie had organic products, and a delousing system that was flawless. As she did our hair, I felt a huge weight lifting off of me. She used all organic products and had all of us 99.9% de-loused within a couple of hours. The next morning, she came back to check on us, and WE WERE LICE FREE! Everyone should know about Jamie. They should know that there is help out there, and that they are not alone! And I told my doctor, the NIX shampoo / sprays do not work. AND, they should tell people right away about Jamie. Jamie is a GODSEND! It was amazing that I was dealing with this for 2 whole weeks, and she got rid of it in less than 48 hours!! She should get an award for her talent, and if I could I would shout it from the mountain tops!
Bonnie SmithBonnie S.

Jamie was very thorough and gave us comfort that we had gotten lice out of our lives. UP AND BE PATIENT.

My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with lice. This was our first (and, so far only, experience with lice). My daughter has very thick, long hair and the thought of trying to get rid of the lice myself was overwhelming. Enter Happy Hair. Jamie Malitz, the owner of Happy Hair, came to my house and began her treatment to rid my daughter of lice. She also treated my husband, my younger daughter and me as we also had "caught" the lice. Jamie Malitz and Happy Hair's products were terrific. After two treatments, two days in a row, the lice was gone. Jamie was very thorough and gave us comfort that we had gotten lice out of our lives. The Fairy Tales products that Happy Hair uses are all natural and seemed to really do the trick without adding harsh chemicals to my daughters' body. In addition, it made our hair smooth, shiny and smell good. My mother tried the products and liked them so much that she bought them for herself. Two month's later, we are still using the Fairy Tales products and my kids are still lice-free.
N. MillerN. Miller (Northbrook)

Jamie was incredibly patient with both of my daughters. She was thorough, prompt and completely understanding.

To Whom It May Concern: Jamie Malitz of Happy Hair is in my view, a true “gem”. She recently helped us during an “outbreak” of head lice that was going around my daughter’s school (as it turned out, both of my daughters ended up with it). "Jamie was incredibly patient with both of my daughters. She was thorough, prompt and completely understanding." She was recommended to us via our pediatrician and for that, I can’t thank the doctor’s office enough—for it hadn’t been for Jamie, we would have gone completely crazy during that horrible time. First and foremost, Jamie was incredibly patient. Not just with me (“the now-panicked mom”), but with both of my daughters (ages 5 ½ and 1 ½). Secondly, she was thorough, prompt and completely understanding. She explained the process, the type of products she would be using as well as what we had to do to follow up. I really loved the service that Happy Hair provided and would recommend them 100%. I’m happy to say, that we are “lice-free”!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, N. Miller

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