Jamie Simkin Malitz

Hi, my name is Jamie Malitz. I’m the proud owner of Happy Hair, Say Goodbye to Head Lice since 2008. I am so lucky because I love what I do. Helping people motivates me what can I tell you. I was meant to do this.

Jamie's Head Lice Story

“When my daughter came home from school with head lice, I was not only distraught I also felt helpless. I could not believe how tedious and time-consuming the process was. The traditional at home drugstore bought treatments were not effective. I ended up at a De-lousing salon and it was amazing to me how easy they made it for me and my daughter. Of course, I got to thinking…

The Birth Of Happy Hair

“From the stressful and overwhelming experience I had with my daughter and the years I’ve dedicated to customer service in the salon industry, becoming a de-louser came naturally for me. After spending months doing research, I am now able to help numerous families conquer their head lice problem.”

“As my business has developed, I have successfully helped families in the north shore area with my effective, stress-free techniques. The Happy Hair system is safe, private, and best of all, it works!”

Why Happy Hair?

  • Privacy & Convenience
  • Guaranteed Results
  • All Organic Products
  • Non-toxic and pesticide free

Eliminate the stress of putting toxic chemicals on your child and waiting to see if that works…

Happy Hair will do the work. You will SAY GOODBYE TO HEAD LICE!